Boys Town, Khon Khaen Thailand


Boys Town consists of a 5-acre farm in the far northeast corner of Thailand. The farm is home to boys between the ages of 11 and 18, all of whom come from extremely poor rural families who cannot afford to educate them, and in many cases cannot even feed them. Boys Town provides them with a home, food, clothing, medical and dental care and the opportunity to complete secondary education and, if they wish, go on to tertiary studies. This is a joint project between the Rotary Club of Joondalup and the Rotary Club of Nedlands and we have been supporting the Boystown Project for a number of years now.


Nakuru Hope, Kenya


Nakuru Hope's Gabriel Learning Centre and Orphanage was initiated to help make a difference to those who are forgotten in the slums of Kaptembwa, Nakuru, Kenya and to ensure that those who wish to help can travel and volunteer without huge costs usually associated with volunteer services. 

Our Club has been actively supporting this project, initiated by our member, Sue Saleeba. We’ve raised funds in support of Nakuru for the installation of water well on the farm, the sponsorship of children to attend Nakuru. In 2017, we raised additional funds to sponsor 5 children, for the cost of a critical operation for one of the children at Nakuru Hope and for repair of the water well.



Disaster Aid International


Disaster Aid International coordinates the work of its Country Partners to:

Respond to disasters with the supply of humanitarian aid to the affected communities and/or individuals until the needs determined by Disaster Aid International are reasonably addressed.

Operate an Overseas Aid Fund, to be known as the Disaster Aid International Overseas Aid Fund, in order to provide relief and aid to those who are displaced by natural or other disasters;

Train volunteers in administering humanitarian relief and aid;

Provide education and training in aspects of disaster relief to individuals, community groups, businesses, schools and other organisations; and

Work in partnership on humanitarian projects funded by other organisations, including Rotary clubs and Rotary districts.

In 2017, the Rotary Club of Nedlands provided funds for the provision of a SkyHydrant(TM), a filter to provide access to clean water, as part of Disaster Aid’s work.



Bridging The Silence, Khon Kaen City, Thailand


The Bridging the Silence project established by Rotary in conjunction with Khon Kaen University and Srinagarind Hospital, Thailand, provides for hearing screening of babies at community-based hospitals in the province of Khon Kaen, Thailand. In 2017, The Rotary Club of Nedlands helped raise funds, together with the International Club of Khon Kaen and the Rotary Club of Joondalup to launch Phase 1 of the project on World Hearing Day in March 2018 which involves an Audiologist visiting 3  District hospitals for initial screening and follow up of all babies in the districts. The project will be expanded to include 3 teams to 20 district hospitals to screen up to 700 babies born each month in the province which currently has a total population of around 2 million people.


For 2018/2019, the Rotary Club of Nedlands is working hard with its two partner clubs to raise additional funds for the purchase of a Tympanometer for follow up of children at the district hospitals who have been identified with a possible hearing impairment after the initial screening in Phase 1. If the baby’s brain does not respond consistently to this testing, there may be a hearing problem.

A more in-depth testing would be required to determine if there is a real hearing disability.
Currently this would require the babies and families to travel to the Srinagarind Hospital in Khon Kaen city, the costs for which is borne by the family. With the purchase of a Tympanometer for the Bridging the Silence project the audiologists will be able to perform additional testing at the community District hospitals level. This would enable a more efficient detection of effective hearing problems and equally important avoid or reduce significantly travelling costs for families to go  to the Srinagarind hospital in Khon Kaen city.



John Fawcett Foundation, Bali


The Rotary Club of Nedlands has been a supporter of the John Fawcett Foundation (JFF) for a number of yeas. In 2017, we raised funds to Adopt a Village Mobile Eye Clinic, a JFF initiative bringing the Foundation’s humanitarian assistance to impoverished adults and children in Bali with a village eye screening, glasses and eye medicines, free surgery for those identified as blind with cataracts, and school eye screening.


Tabitha Foundation, Cambodia


In 2017, the Rotary Club of Nedlands provided part sponsorship for one of its members to undertake a trip to Cambodia to assist with the Tabitha Foundation’s Cambodia program to help build houses for families affected by floods. The Cambodia people have had a horrific recent history. As well as being ravaged by war from the French, the Japanese and the Vietnamese they have had to endure 23 years of civil war and unspeakable atrocities which only ended with the death of Pol Pot in 1998. Most of the population are uneducated cannot read or write and live on less than $US1.50 per day. Often they lose all their possessions each year with floods that cover much of the country. Some are so destitute that they need to sell one of their children in order to be able to feed the rest. Building a House for these people is a life changing event. Instead of living in a lean to on the ground which gets washed away in floods they now are up off the ground. Parents are less likely to get sick so they can continue to work, Children don’t need to forage for food in the fields so they can go to school.In Cambodia most children don’t get to complete primary school but for families with a Tabitha House 84% attend primary school. This has a generational impact as educated people have educated children.


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